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Reversible wall-mounted AC

simple and practical

Console AC

compact and versatile

Ceiling mounted AC

recessed in the ceiling

Duct air conditioning

reversible air conditioning almost invisible

Heat pump

energy saving and maximum comfort

Air Conditionning: a guide by MC2E  – Climatisation Cannes

Air conditioning

Ideal for refreshing your space, the air conditioner comes in several models, which makes it possible to adapt the device to the use that you need, and to the environment in which it will be installed.

General principle of operation

In order to cool the ambient air in your home, air conditioning in a complex system takes heat from the room where the appliance is located and discharges it to the exterior in an operation similar to that of ‘a refrigerator.

This action is possible thanks to the refrigerant liquid contained in the air conditioner, a complex fluid with very special thermal properties. The working of the apparatus is based on the various changes of this fluid.

This transformation works thanks to the components of any air conditioner, namely:

  • An evaporator exchanger in which the refrigerant discharged into the air allows cooling.
  • A compressor, which increases the pressure and temperature of the gaseous fluid.
  • A pressure reducer in which a reduction in the pressure of the refrigerant liquid takes place before it is discharged into the condenser.
  • A condenser exchanger, where the gas yields its heat by condensation.

Reversible air conditioning

Like conventional air conditioning, the reversible air-conditioning allows to produce cold but it is also able to heat your interior.

This way, you do not have to have several different installations: your air conditioner will cool you during the summer and will warm you during colder periods!

Air conditioning thus reverses the process by removing hot air from the outside and reinjecting it into the interior of the room.


The dwelling and outside the dwelling.

There are also multi-split air conditioners which consist of an outdoor block connected to several indoor units, scattered in several rooms.

Reversible wall-mounted air conditioner

Reversible wall mounted air conditioners are the ideal solution for home use.
Discreet, they integrate elegantly and silently in all interiors.
They also provide heating thanks to their reversible system.

Console air conditioner

A wall-mounted or floor-standing design, Its compact and elegant design allows it to fit into any interior design.

Ceeling Air Conditioner

This type of air conditioner is widely used in offices and commercial surfaces

Duct air conditioning

Fully integrated solution, particularly discreet, which can be forgotten: only the diffusers are visible. Allows distribution of hot / cold air throughout the home.

Heat pump

The heat pump is a thermodynamic device that recovers the heat contained in air, land or water, elements present in nature, to transfer it, via transformations of a refrigerant, in a dwelling in order to heat it and sometimes produce domestic hot water.

The reversible heat pump, in addition to the heat in the winter, also produces cold in the summer (air conditioning or refreshment).

Heat pumps can also be installed to heat the water in a swimming pool.

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