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AC Maintenance

For optimal comfort

Maintenance of air conditioning

An air conditioner, requires up keep! What is at stake: its good functioning but also the quality of the air in your dwelling.

The owner of an air conditioner is responsible for the indoor air quality of their housing. Regularly cleaned filters ensure proper air hygiene.

Well maintained, your system will consume less and deffuse a healthier air. If, on the other hand, maintenance is neglected, the air conditioner can become an ideal place for the growth of bacteria, such as legionella, for legionellosis.

We recommend that you do the following:

  • Cleaning the air filter of the indoor unit – the air filter is easily accessible on the indoor unit and can be cleaned either with a vacuum cleaner or with water at less than 40 ° C.
  • Clean the interior unit body, especially the air inlet grille, with a soft, moist cloth (avoid aggressive detergents).

The regulations requires that the refrigerant circuit be sealed for appliances containing more than 2 kg of fluid every year by a qualified professional.

To ensure a clean air and a longer life of the apparatus, we can take care of the maintenance for you.

Price list for maintenance (excluding travel expenses):

Wall-mounted single-split air conditioner 69 € HT
Extra split 49€ / split
Console air conditioner 69 € HT
Ceeling air conditioner 99 € HT
Duct air conditioner on estimate
Heat pump  on estimate

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